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We are a digital company that doesn't sell other people's data like the big dogs. We don't sell anything either if you put your name and email address in the box that I will supply we will send you an ebook on how to make some extra money online or at home. I  use to live in the day where they had shoe phones. Oh me bad that's Maxwell Smart. I meant to say back in the day where we had the dial phones. That's showing my age isn't it. I know a lot of you young folk wouldn't know what a dial phone was. You would not of seen one before, now you are probably searching for ways to better your life or you could be just curious as the old saying goes curiosity never killed the cat.

Now I know you people would of been searching for some get rich scheme or something I have some bad news for you snobs that you might as well give up now. Because the internet has been taking over by zombies.

Just kidding but how f@ked up would it that be if that was true. I think they would send me to a sych ward wouldn't they. 

Oh no they wouldn't they would let me out to eat people. Ok I bet to get on with business I suppose. Oh shit I did say in the start of this post that wasn't going to sell you anything just kidding I did mean it though. Im not going to sell you anything im going to give away one of my funny ebooks i call it an ebook because it has an e then it has a book. 



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